Shipping & Returns



We strive to ship your purchase within 1 day of purchase (unless it is a Saturday, in that case it will ship Monday).

We ship by priority mail. If our rates seem on the high end, rest assured it is the actual cost. Postal rates go up several times a year and our rates reflect the Post Office in real time.


All returns are evaluated on a one to one basis. We will invesigate the circumstances, parties involved and all other relevant issues and try our best to satisfy your shopping needs.

Returns will be processed within 4 business days.

If the wrong item is sent, we will refund your money or ship a new product immediately. We ask that you ship back the old product, we will pay the shipping.

Sometimes the store room gets a bit confusing. If you purchase an item, it might be sold out or lost. We update on a daily basis and sometimes we make mistakes. We will immediately refund your money of this happens.